Experience CCT For Yourself

Photos by Clea G. Hall


  1. Choose a time when you aren’t distracted by outside factors such as phones ringing, text messages, Fed Ex deliveries, etc. Allow yourself at least 20 minutes.
  2. Bring your awareness into yourself. Take several deep slow breaths. Observe how you are feeling in your body.
  3. From this quieter place, ask what your intention is for yourself. What do you want to happen? How do you want to feel? What do you want to heal? This intention can be in any area of your life such as relationships, health, or work as long as it is an intention for yourself and that it is stated in a positive format. (i.e. If you don’t want fear in your life, what DO you want?) During the mini session you’ll be asked to state your intention.
  4. Look at the five geometric shapes on the left. Which one do you feel drawn to? Click on that shape. This will take you to an audio file with the explanation of the sacred geometry shape and then the energy session.
  5. When finished, spend a few moments checking in with yourself. How does your breath move through your body? How do you feel about stepping back into your life? 
  6. In the next 3-5 days observe what shifts and changes for you around your intention. Maybe it's a new awareness, you feel better, or you notice things differently around you. 
  7. For a deeper session with additional intuitive input, please contact one of the CCT Professionals or take a class to learn how to do it yourself!

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