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03/2011 We launch a brand new class! Healing The Earth: What are you here to do? is a fantastic class for personal use that allows you to easily express your soul purpose through creative action, while in alignment to Earth. And THAT'S healing!Check out classes for more info.

7/07 CCT changes its class structing from Intro, Basic and Advanced to Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4. No longer will be offered a personal level fee for Level 2 (Basic). Currently in development is a one day class for businesses.

6/10 Congratulations to newly certified CCT teachers, Shanti Balse and Ginger Vogler! We look forward to your classes.

2/14 What a Valentine's Day present. CCT becamed certified by NCBTMB to be a provider for CE hours for massage therapists and bodyworkers. AND not only can we provide CE hours for our Intro (3 CE's, Basic (18 CE's) and Advanced Class (30 CE's) we can provide them for all classes taken in the past two years from certification (1/2008). Contact your teacher for more information. Our next goal is to get certification from the Holistic Nurses Association.

2/03 We've got translation! Google has a wonderful translation tool that allows readers to translate from English to a lot of other languages. Pass the word on to anyone you know who doesn't speak English as a primary language. I checked it out for Spanish and it seemed pretty accurate.

1/08 The recently created Higher Sense Perception Mastery Course is now available through the store with accompanying CD of recorded healing meditations. This course is based on a 21 day daily lesson designed to heal and reconfigure the senses and release distortions within the brain interpretation centers. The course was created with CCT and CCT Soul Charts. It can be used by both CCT practitioners and nonpractitioners.

11/07 Congrats to Neil Patel, Shannon Liberatore, and Patty Munoz Gorder for completing their certification as CCT Teachers. Patty waited a mere four days before teaching her first Basic Class to Moonlight Basic Spa personnel.

10/07 We've got forums! Now CCT practitioners can talk with each other and share what's working, testimonials, ask for clarification and stay caught up with changes. Join in the conversation by signing up. Once you receive approval, you're can join an existing conversation or start a new one.

Also new in October is the "Email to a friend" feature on the website. Like something you read and want to send it to someone you know? Just click and then fill in the information asked for.

9/07 Congratulations to Maureen Mercier for completing her certification as the newest CCT Teacher. Maureen is off and running with Intro Classes in Maumee, Ohio and look for her first Basic Class coming up in 2008.

7/07 Take a Higher Sense Perception Mastery Class with CCT cofounder gia combs-ramirez and the CCT guides. It features many of the CCT tools and starts Aug 2 and runs for 21 days (although it can be started at anytime after Aug 2). Look for it on gia's blog

7/07 A number of CCT Teacher's and practitioners have developed products and services that feature CCT. These include paintings (check Lexi Sundell at, unique facials and massage (contact Sue Butterfield and Bowls of Empowerment manifesting and healing (check Ahu Smith at

07/07 CCT is is the process of getting CEUs for nurses and massage therapists as well as others. And check back soon...the CCT website will have forums for you to start conversations with others about creating powerful intentions, new applications of the CCT protocol and more.

06/07 Congratulations to the new CCT Teachers! Neil Patel, Diane Agee, Melissa Weston, Shanti Balse, Maureen Mercier, Ginger Vogler and Shannon Liberatore.

04/07 Check out cofounder gia combs-ramirez' new blog at And cofounder Lexi Sundell also has a new blog at Be sure to leave a comment on any of their great posts.

04/07 Congratulations to Tessa Ringo for completing her Teacher's Certification! She's off and running with Carina Acosta teaching Intro Classes.

11/06 Congratulations to Caren Cramer and Judith Hughes for completing their Teacher's Certification Training. Look for their classes soon!

10/06 For the first time you can order Crystal Sacred Geometry Sets from the website. These sets of 5 shapes come in clear, rose or amethyst quartz with an aromatic wood box. The CCT names for the shapes are included. Check out the store for ordering.

10/06 Congratulations to our newest certified CCT Teacher...Carina Acosta. Carina completed her certification program and plans to offer CCT classes in Europe next year.

9/06 We now have Universal Needs cards. This deck of 11 cards include words like love, contribution, belonging and more, all infused with CCT energy. They help further refine Intentions using divination. To order please go to the store.

10/16/2016 Upcoming Classes

Ready to Learn CCT? Click here for upcoming classes Learn More...

10/16/2016 Transformation: The Emergence of the Crystalline System

Transformation: The Emergence of the Crystalline System and The Way of Transformation by founder gia combs-ramirez are now available on Amazon. Learn More...

10/16/2016 Crystalline Transformation Homestudy Program

Next Homestudy Program starting October 31, 2016 Learn More...

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