Crystalline Consciousness Technique
Crystalline Consciousness Technique™…What is it?

“CCT healing has helped me tremendously with sensory sensitivity. I am now able to be comfortable in large groups of
people without losing my focus. I am also less sensitive to environmental stressors such as light, sound and chemical smells. My ability to process energetic information in a timely way without becoming disoriented has increased tenfold. I feel like I finally fit in my own body.”
–M. Rodriguez, Sta. Barbara, California

Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ is a new system in human potential that works with the energetic component of an individual or group.

How Your Energy Works
We are many beings including biological, psychological, emotional, and spiritual. Encasing all of these different beings is our energetic being. By focusing on the energetic being we can very quickly affect all other levels of our being.

Many modalities focus on first changing conscious awareness to create healing, manifesting or transforming. If the energetics are not in place, however, change or healing will come very slowly. Like the tip of an iceberg, conscious awareness is typically only 4-5% of our entire being. In traditional formats we end up attempting to change an entire iceberg based on the tip that we can see above the water.

Using CCT we can address the whole iceberg, whether we can perceive it or not. Then the tip, or our conscious awareness, easily and rapidly changes to reflect the energetic shift. As do our biology, emotions and psychology.

A Simple But Easy Protocol To Address Energy
Crystalline Consciousness Technique is a simple protocol that consists of three phases. The first two set up the energetic component of an individual or group into a coherent, harmonic energy field, releasing all distorted energetic patterns. After this is achieved, then conscious Intent is expressed. When intent is introduced in a quiet, highly coherent, energetic field then it becomes the organizing dynamic for growth...very rapidly. Growth is one of the inherent qualities of life. Without it we stagnate and fall into entropy. Healing, manifesting and transforming are all qualities of growth.

Finally after Intent, the third and final phase is introduced which creates lasting change throughout the entire being. Following a CCT session there is often a period of chaos as the old patterns lift out. This period is followed by a rapid and permament shift into a new level of health, manifestation or transformation.

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