Crystalline Consciousness Technique
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CCT has certain attributes that make it unique as an energy model. Some of those attributes are balanced electromagnetic energy fields, chaos theory, new energy healing paradigms, sacred geometry, love and DNA, right timing elements for healing or manifesting, working with liquid crystals, sound and vibration, evolution of consciousness, law of attraction, and energy medicine or healing.

Below are some resources for understanding more about these CCT aspects. If you've already taken CCT, you can further your studies here. If you are just entering the CCT world, you can get a good sense of the some of the science behind the protocol.

And stay tuned for the 2008 debut of Crystalline Consciousness Technique™: A New Energy Model For Human Potential In Healing, Manifesting and Transforming by gia combs-ramirez and CCT Teachers.

About the Science of Energy Healing:

Science of Energy Healing Blog by gia combs-ramirez. Find it at
Energy Medicine by James L. Oschman
The Infinite Mind by Valerie Hunt
Creation Reiki Manual by gia combs-ramirez
Elegant Empowerment by Peggy Phoenix Dubro and Stephen Lapierre

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