Crystalline Consciousness Technique
Healing, Manifesting and Transforming With Crystalline Consciousness Technique™

“While using Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ on myself, I was able to drop my blood pressure by 30 points! I’ve never felt so good.” –K. Denton, Tucson, Arizona

The CCT protocol is wonderfully creative. It can used with a focus on enhancing physical healing and well-being, manifesting the heart's desire, and transforming social structures in families, organizations and businesses.

Although the protocol is the same, each session is unique to the individual as it is determined by the intent. The energetic system very quickly recognizes that it can create what it wants without the effort that it normally takes. Then the question becomes, "What do I truly want?"

A CCT Practitioner facilitates the session in person or in a distant format, creating a strong container of protection for the one healing, manifesting or transforming. Additionally a CCT Practioner can help guide you with your intent, ensuring that it is coming from your core essence and not the personality/ego.

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