Crystalline Consciousness Technique

11/13/2016 Upcoming Classes

Ready to Learn CCT? Click here for upcoming classes Learn More...

11/13/2016 Transformation: The Emergence of the Crystalline System

Transformation: The Emergence of the Crystalline System and The Way of Transformation by founder gia combs-ramirez are now available on Amazon. Learn More...

11/13/2016 Crystalline Transformation Homestudy Program

Next Homestudy Program starting in December, 2016. Learn More...

01/28/2016 Expressing Your Creative Purpose

2017 is the year of triple creativity! Learn this awesome energy protocol to promote the flow and focus of your creative energies aligned to your purpose. Learn More...

Crystalline Consciousness Technique™

A comprehensive system of energy science for these times of transformation

"We live in a time of unprecedented opportunity for spiritual growth, healing, and purposeful creating. It all starts in updating our energy systems." -gia combs-ramirez, founder CCT

Welcome to the world of Crystalline Consciousness!

We find there are three types of people ready for CCT:

Opening to new levels of awareness: You just recently began to explore your own transformation and want to know more, more, more! But where to start? Learn more...

Creatives with a purpose: Whether it's art, business, or a vision of purpose, you love to create and are ready to get out in the world with your expressions! But, dang, there's so many blocks. Learn more...

Excellers ready to help yourself: You've gotten to a certain stage of comfortable success helping others. But something inside of you yearns to be heard and seen at a new level. Learn more...  

If you ready to learn about the new human potential available on the planet; how transformation and growth truly work; or want a proven sytem to use with your clients...we invite you to find out more about the energy science behind CCT.

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Your life will thank you!

"I am very excited about CCT! It has come to me and my family at an amazing time in our lives and has been quite beneficial and a blessing. There have been miracles that were unexpected and greatly appreciated." -P. Wade, Gualala, California.

“CCT has been a truly unexpected gift and seems to have integrated so many things in my life.” –K. Jaskolski, Maumee, Ohio

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