About Crystalline Consciousness Technique

The Crystalline children began arriving in the 1980s. Also called Indigos they brought with them a new human energy system that promotes  the ability to heal at accelerated rates and to hold tremendous amounts of light and high vibration. This is the key to rapidly unlocking new levels of human potential. 


It Starts With A New Energy System...

The Sacred Geometry of Transformation

For as long as humans can remember we have operated with an electromagnetic energy system.  Now to meet the rising challenges of this time, Earth has called forth a new energy system for all life. The harbingers of this energy system began arriving during the last 30 years. Since the 1980s, the waves of Crystallines (also known as Indigos, Starseeds, Rainbows) began shifting the energy of Earth. 

The Crystalline Energy System (which is available to everyone) avoids the pitfalls of the electromagnetic energy system when it comes to healing and transforming. Your energy disentangles, easily releasing distortions and toxins, and holding a high vibration for protection at a time when we are experiencing energetic overload with "dirty" energies.  

It Continues With Sacred Geometry...

Energy moving through the Crystalline Energy System swirls and spirals through the golden ratio, sacred geometry, and your intentions in the  beautiful dance of transformation. This has been simply organized into the protocols of Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ (aka CCT).

CCT  accesses the highest potential of the Crystalline Energy System and ensures that healing and transformation stays at new levels without the uncomfortableness of a healing crisis or moving one step forward and then 3 steps back.

If you are an energy sensitive, empath or a healer, all of your biggest challenges are addressed with the CCT tools and techniques. If you are a creative, you move beyond mental and emotional blocks and express at new levels of potential.

If you are searching for new levels of consciousness in personal and spiritual growth, you will discover a whole new system that accelerates reaching your highest potential. You can spiral to new levels in a fraction of the time of other personal growth systems.


It Begins and Ends in Transformation

Only CCT has created protocols for working with individuals, groups and systems. The focus is on transformation, the key to solving many of the challenges on the planet in these extraordinary times we live in.

If you really dislike change, this system will help you move out of resistance and embrace new spirals of growth.

If you are a creator, you'll discover new ease to connect to your creative muse, while not becoming distracted by the outside world.

If you are someone who focuses on external form or outcome, you'll discover the delight of manifesting results beyond your wildest imagination.

CCT is taught through protocols that are easy to learn and easy to use without needing a doctorate in energy healing science. You can go as deep as you like in the science of it or just use the protocols and notice your own transformation in glorious ways. 

If you are invested in everything being hard and taking great effort...CCT is NOT for you!

If you are under 35, you have a Crystalline Energy System already. You just need to learn how to unlock its power. Try a CCT Session here.

If you are over 35, listen to the energy meditation that will activate your Crystalline Energy System.

Then take the self-paced Transformative-Self-Healing Program to try the tools or get started with the Professional Level Classes