Professional Trainings

CCT is appropriate for nurses, coaches, energy healers, massage therapists and anyone interested in personal and spiritual growth and making a difference in the world.

There are 9 levels of professional training  in the CCT system of energy plus the teacher training. In the New Earth Energies, these classes can be taken "out of order." Mix and match according to your focus! 


Professional Levels 1 and 2:

Discovering the Map of Transformation

This class introduces you to your electromagnetic energy and the crystalline energy field. It provides a technique for creating greater levels of protection, connection with others, and clear energetic communication. 

Anyone with chronic illness, parents wanting to create a more harmonious home atmosphere, business leaders promoting team spirit, and healing arts professionals for better results with their clients all benefit from the simple but profound techniques.  

In Level 2, you’ll learn how to use the Foundational Protocol as a lifestyle tool to enhance your own wellness or to use when working with others in your healing arts or coaching practice. Discover the power of operating with energetic integrity.

Unique to this class is learning about Transformation Patterns which can be used in improving relationship. Soul Chart work is also introduced for working with groups.

Taught online in 8 modules. An additional in-person day can be added, if wanted, to learn tablework and a mini chair session.

After completing a survey, signing a practitioner’s agreement and completing all homework assignments, students may register on the CCT site as a CCT Practitioner.


Level 3: Arising to Crystalline Consciousness

Prerequisite: Level Two

Level Three provides you with a powerful new set of sacred geometry tools for transformative healing and creating. Learn about the 7 traditional chakras and 4 subtle bodies through the lens of the Crystalline Energy System.

Additionally, this class heightens your intuition when creating powerful intentions, and develops crystalline consciousness, a type of enlightened consciousness. In this class, which can be taken online or in person, you'll be introduced to the CCT divination cards, 4 new Soul Charts for working with more complex group situations, and the Advanced Protocol for chart work. 

Throughout this class you'll experience your own transformative healing and deepen in your understanding of using sacred geometry for healing and manifesting. There are two activations in this class, along with energy meditations and healing with the soul charts. 


Level 4: Integrating the Crystalline Body

Prerequisite: Level Two

Experience and learn the gentle, yet powerful Tree of Life Healing Series. In this in-person class, you'll experience new levels of healing that release restrictions and blocks from the sacrum and spine from 5 levels of subtle bodies. You'll also learn how to give these healing sessions to others in a table or distant format.

Many practitioners feel that just taking the class for themselves is worth it. During three blissful days, you'll learn and experience how to create Meta Intentions, scan the body to get information about what's needed, and work with kundalini energy in a positive and gentle way.

Also covered is how to offer a series of Tree of Life Healing sessions in your business and identifying who could benefit from the work whether it's pregnant women, people with spine, hips or leg issues, or those with underlying mental or emotional blocks that are getting in the way of reaching their highest potential. 


Level 5: The Golden Spiral

Prerequisite: Level Four

In this class you'll learn all about the Golden Spiral based on the mystical Golden Ratio and how that applies to transformation. Connect the parts to the whole through the concepts of the Fibonacci sequence, the number 5 and the geometry of stars/pentagon.

In this online or in-person class, you will experience 3 new activations including one for the Golden Spiral Consciousness, a new Soul Chart and a new Sacred Geometry Healing Chamber, the Flower of Life. Your Crystalline Symbol that you received in Level 2 upgrades into a Crystalline Light Symbol, along with Setting Up Your Fields for multidimensional protection. 

Besides developing your Spiritual Emotional Body through chart work you'll also learn how to identify in yourself or others the Dark or Lilith Spiral of transformation and how to release it into the Golden Spiral. Finally, you become embodied with the CCT Sacred Geometry protocol and become a Master of Transformation.

Sacred Earth.jpg

Levels 6: New Group Dynamics

Prerequisite: Level Three

Through a series of group healings, activations, energy meditations and charts, experience a greatly enhanced relationship dynamic from one to one relationships to larger groups . The new dynamic is about groups that support each individual versus requiring an individual to sacrifice themselves for the benefit of the group.

Patterns in relationships and groups arise from deep seated ancestral and karmic lineages. Using a combination of energy techniques and charts, these patterns can be released and a new dynamic brought that can provide a breath of fresh air for families, organizations and relationships.


Levels 7-9: Crystalline Earth Healing

Prerequisite: Level 5

Take your CCT tools and techniques into the realm of systems. Whether creating your own for a business that you want aligned to Earth, or for healing a home, building or Earth sites, these three levels and practicum, will change your life forever.

In Level 7, you'll receive a new chart called the Flower of Life. Printed on canvas this is a powerful energy tool for changing the vibration of food, water, buildings, gardens, and sacred sites. In Level 8, learn new soul chart processes and other tools for working with the elements, insects, and Nature Spirits. In Level 9, you'll learn how to repair grids and receive a new chart, called the Starcut, for working in multi-dimensions. As with other levels, you'll be developing new intuitive skills as you learn to read at a system level.

The practicum for these three online classes is held at the Diamond J Ranch in Montana, (CCT headquarters and laboratory). You'll directly experience how working at a system level creates new levels of healing not only for Earth but also for yourself. These three levels and practicum are taught by founder gia combs-ramirez and take about a year to complete.