About Founder Gia Combs-Ramirez

A Life Changing Moment

During a meditation with a friend in 2004, gia combs-ramirez experienced a life-altering moment. A new energy protocol downloaded from the higher dimensional realms into her conscious awareness. It was a moment of the most pure, inspired creation gia had ever experienced.

The energy protocol, which was part of a bigger system that works with sacred geometry, became known as Crystalline Consciousness Technique, and has become a revolutionary approach to transformative healing and creating.

Gia Combs-Ramirez, founder of Crystalline Consciousness Technique

Gia Combs-Ramirez, founder of Crystalline Consciousness Technique

Although she didn't know it at the time, growing up on a guest ranch in Montana prepared her for a future in energy reading, working with groups, and Earth healing. In her 30s and 40s, gia studied many forms of  healing modalities as well as massage therapy training.

In 2002, gia had a foreshadowing of the new protocol she would be sharing with the world. In a vision, she saw a huge column of light descend on to the planet. All around this evolutionary Light of Consciousness were small forms that she knew were helping to anchor it in. Without hearing anyone ask her the question, she felt herself raise her arm and say, "Yes! I will help!"

Then life got quiet for a while as she waited for more guidance. During the waiting period she taught classes in energy healing and led personal growth retreats. It was a frustrating time. There were healers that could heal but lacked integrity with the way they used their energy.  Her group retreats took too long to reach a transformative moment and the painful experiences leading up to those moments were excruciating and difficult. 

After the arrival of CCT, gia learned that those 2 years prior to the actual arrival of the new protocol were a living laboratory for what CCT would help with. Before she could learn about the new way, she had to experience the old ways, in all its magnificent frustrations. She can laughs now when she thinks back on those times, but they weren't fun! What took 5 days of arduous transformative group work, can now be down in a 3 minute protocol.        

In the ensuing years since that dance with destiny in 2004, gia and an amazing group of practitioners and teachers have developed classes, manuals, and tools to easily learn, understand and work with the crystalline system. Their results have been spectacular and at times the realm of miracles. 

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CCT Soul Charts

Created by Lexi Sundell

Coming full circle, gia offers trainings and transformative experiences at the ranch where she grew up. Her beloved horse herd have also  become healers and teachers to those who come. 

And what about the friend who helped bring in the CCT protocol during that fateful meditation? Artist Lexi Sundell developed much of the beautiful art work used in the CCT classes, along with 2 of the 3 divination decks used with the protocols. She continues to create new art and techniques for acrylic and water color painting. Please check out what she's doing here.