There Are 3 Type of People Ready for CCT...Are you one of them?



You're focused on self-healing and want to use a technique that let's you do that simply, easily and profoundly.  Try a session, then learn how to do it yourself. 



You want great results for your vocation, expressing your purpose and being a creator. Learn our classes that will support you and your clients.  

Navigating Transformation


You love the possibilities and potential that are available now and are ready to do a deep dive into all of our classes. Work with people, animals or Earth.  

Here's the good news...the Shift of the Ages brought in a new energy paradigm to the planet. Crystalline by nature, it works with sacred geometry and the universal dynamics of transformation. Crystalline Consciousness Technique™, or simply CCT, offers a map to navigate this new paradigm. Whether your focus is healing yourself or others, manifesting your greatest potential in business or relationships, or healing Earth systems, CCT will provide you with cutting edge energy tools that are easy to learn and use. Are you ready to achieve miraculous and accelerated transformation beyond your wildest imagination in your life, business and relationships? 

Welcome to Crystalline Consciousness Technique!

The new paradigm on the planet provides unprecedented potential for growing, healing, and creating with purpose. It all starts with understanding how to energetically navigate the New Earth.
— gia combs-ramirez
In new energy businesses, people want to tap into individual creativity while cultivating team cohesion and developing something that makes a difference in the world. CCT is my tool for making that happen.
— A. Folsom, San Diego, California
 Gia Combs-Ramirez, founder of Crystalline Consciousness Technique

Gia Combs-Ramirez, founder of Crystalline Consciousness Technique